Make Our Money Work For Us, Philadelphia!

Tax the Rich PHL brings together long-term campaigns to fund robust city services and hold billionaires, corporations and large non-profit institutions accountable to pay their fair share.

Philadelphia Deserves Better

For decades, our city has run its budget process under the myth that there is no money — no money to fully fund our schools or expand services like affordable housing, public library hours or street sweeping. 

But in reality, we live in the richest region in our state, in the richest country in the world. Our region is home to 15 Fortune 500 companies, ten billionaires, and the biggest concentration of millionaires in the state. Pandemic profiteers in the state have increased their wealth over the last year. 

COVID has exposed the deep racial and economic inequalities that are ingrained into how we fund public budgets and to where that money goes. Now is the time to require the very wealthiest Philadelphians — billionaires, corporations, developers and mega nonprofits — to pay their fair share for a true just recovery for our city. 


The Revenue For a Just Recovery Plan provides sustained funding for the city, funding that allows all Philadelphia residents and their communities to thrive. We are calling on our elected officials to take swift action to support bold policies that fully fund recovery and mitigate the lasting impact of the virus on working families throughout the city. 


We are asking the Mayor’s office and City Council to champion legislation around:

Tax The Rich

Require the wealthy to pay their fair share.

Treatment Not Trauma

Divest from regressive expenses that harm our city.

Cancel Wall Street

Cutting down on our payments to Wall Street.


Over the next few months, Mayor Kenney will put out a proposed budget, City Council will hold hearings on that budget — and eventually City Council will vote on the budget for next year. In March, President Biden signed a bill that will bring in $1 billion dollars in revenue to Philadelphia for this year’s budget. 

With these resources, our city has a year of breathing room from proposed cuts — a year to use this money to meet the needs of all Philadelphians and to pass the Revenue for a Just Recovery Plan so that we can ensure fair budgets for years to come. 

Together, we can build the power to win!